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Salt Life Acquisition

Salt Life Acquisition
6 Months Ended
Mar. 29, 2014
Business Combinations [Abstract]  
Salt Life Acquisition
Salt Life Acquisition
On August 27, 2013, To The Game purchased substantially all of the assets of Salt Life Holdings, LLC, including all of its domestic and international trademark rights in the Salt Life brand (the "Salt Life Acquisition"). The purchase price for the Salt Life Acquisition consisted of: (i) a cash payment at closing of $12,000,000, (ii) a deposit at closing of $3,000,000 into an escrow account to be held to secure indemnification obligations of the seller under the asset purchase agreement and to be held for a period of up to fifty-four months following the closing, and (iii) delivery of two promissory notes in the aggregate principal amount of $22,000,000. An additional amount may be payable in cash after the end of calendar year 2019 if financial performance targets involving the sale of Salt Life-branded products are met during the 2019 calendar year. At acquisition, we recorded an accrual of $3.4 million for the fair value of the contingent consideration associated with the Salt Life Acquisition. We financed the cash portion of the purchase price through our Fourth Amended and Restated Loan and Security Agreement, as amended on August 27, 2013. We expensed all acquisition related costs in the selling, general and administrative expense line item of our Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations in the quarter ended September 28, 2013.
On December 6, 2013, we entered into an agreement (the "IMG Agreement") with IMG Worldwide, Inc. ("IMG") that provides for the termination of the Salt Life brand license agreements entered into between Delta and IMG (as agent on behalf of Salt Life Holdings) prior to the Salt Life Acquisition as well as the agency agreement entered into between Salt Life Holdings and IMG prior to the Salt Life Acquisition. In addition, the IMG Agreement provides that Delta and Salt Life Holdings are released from all obligations and liabilities under those agreements or relating to the Salt Life Acquisition. Pursuant to the IMG Agreement, To The Game and IMG entered into a new, multi-year agency agreement whereby IMG will represent To The Game with respect to the licensing of the Salt Life brand in connection with certain product and service categories. To The Game agreed to pay IMG installments totaling $3,500,000 to terminate the existing arrangements. As a result, the above-referenced $3,000,000 indemnification asset was released from escrow during the quarter ended December 28, 2013, and applied towards these payment obligations, along with additional amounts previously accrued for royalty obligations under the above-referenced Salt Life brand license agreements. In accordance with the payment terms, To The Game remitted an initial $1.55 million payment and the first $195 thousand installment during the March 2014 quarter. As of March 29, 2014, there are nine quarterly installments of $195 thousand remaining. We have recorded the fair value of the liability as of March 29, 2014, on our financials with $0.6 million in accrued expenses and $0.9 million in other liabilities.
The Salt Life Acquisition continues our strategy of building lifestyle brands that take advantage of our creative capabilities, vertical manufacturing platform and international sourcing competencies. Prior to the Salt Life Acquisition, To The Game sold Salt Life-branded products under exclusive license agreements which began in January 2011. As such, the results of Salt Life sales have been included in the Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements since that time.
We accounted for the Salt Life Acquisition pursuant to ASC 805, Business Combinations, with purchase price allocated based upon fair value. We have identified certain intangible assets associated with Salt Life, including trade name and trademarks, license agreements, non-compete agreements and goodwill. The total amount of goodwill is expected to be deductible for tax purposes. Components of the intangible assets recorded at acquisition are as follows:
Economic Life


30 yrs
  License agreements

15 – 30 yrs
  Non-compete agreements

6.6 yrs
    Total intangibles

Total goodwill and intangibles


We are currently in the process of finalizing the valuations and thus the initial allocation of the purchase price is subject to change until the allocation is finalized.