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Note F - Debt

Note F - Debt
3 Months Ended
Jan. 02, 2021
Notes to Financial Statements  
Long-term Debt [Text Block]


Note F—Debt


Credit Facility


On May 10, 2016, we entered into a Fifth Amended and Restated Credit Agreement (as further amended, the “Amended Credit Agreement”) with Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (“Wells Fargo”), as Administrative Agent, the Sole Lead Arranger and the Sole Book Runner, and the financial institutions named therein as Lenders, which are Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, and Regions Bank. Our subsidiaries M.J. Soffe, LLC, Culver City Clothing Company (f/k/a Junkfood Clothing Company), Salt Life, LLC, and DTG2Go, LLC (f/k/a Art Gun, LLC) (collectively, the "Borrowers"), are co-borrowers under the Amended Credit Agreement. The Borrowers entered into amendments to the Amended Credit Agreement with Wells Fargo and the other lenders on November 27, 2017, March 9, 2018, October 8, 2018, November 19, 2019, April 27, 2020, and August 28, 2020.


The Amended Credit Agreement allows us to borrow up to $170 million (subject to borrowing base limitations), including a maximum of $25 million in letters of credit. Provided that no event of default exists, we have the option to increase the maximum credit to $200 million (subject to borrowing base limitations), conditioned upon the Administrative Agent's ability to secure additional commitments and customary closing conditions. The Amended Credit Agreement contains a subjective acceleration clause and a “springing” lockbox arrangement (as defined in ASC 470, Debt ("ASC 470")) whereby remittances from customers will be forwarded to our general bank account and will not reduce the outstanding debt until and unless a specified event or an event of default occurs. We classify borrowings under the Amended Credit Agreement as long-term debt with consideration of current maturities.


As of December 2020, we had $107.1 million outstanding under our U.S. revolving credit facility at an average interest rate of 3.4%. Our cash on hand combined with the availability under the U.S. credit facility totaled $43.7 million. At December 2020 and September 2020 there was $9.2 million and $8.8 million, respectively, of retained earnings free of restrictions to make cash dividends or stock repurchases.


Promissory Note


On October 8, 2018, we acquired substantially all of the assets of Silk Screen Ink, Ltd. d/b/a SSI Digital Print Services. In conjunction with the acquisition, we issued a promissory note in the principal amount of $7.0 million. The promissory note bears interest at 6% with quarterly installments which began January 2, 2019, with the final installment due October 1, 2021. As of December 2020 there was $2.3 million outstanding on the promissory note.


Honduran Debt


Since March 2011, we have entered into term loans and a revolving credit facility with Banco Ficohsa, a Honduran bank, to finance both the operations and capital expansion of our Honduran facilities. In December 2020, we entered into a new term loan and revolving credit facility with Banco Ficohsa, both with five-year terms, and simultaneously settled the prior term loans and revolving credit facility with outstanding balances of $1.1 million and $9.5 million, respectively. Each of these new loans is secured by a first-priority lien on the assets of our Honduran operations and is not guaranteed by our U.S. entities. These loans are denominated in U.S. dollars, and the carrying value of the debt approximates its fair value. As the revolving credit facility permits us to re-borrow funds up to the amount repaid, subject to certain objective covenants, and we intend to re-borrow funds, subject to those covenants, the amounts have been classified as long-term debt. Additional information about these loans and the outstanding balances as of December 2020 is as follows (in thousands):



December 2020


Revolving credit facility established December 2020, interest at 7.25%, due August 2025

  $ 1,000  

Term loan established December 2020, interest at 7.5%, quarterly installments beginning September 2021 through December 2025